The Office in Wellington, by way of the Mediterranean


6' 0" / 183cms


341ibs / 155kgs


  • The Colossus Chop (brain chop)

Trademark moves:

  • "The Masterplan" (metal briefcase shot)


  • Irishman Mike Ryan

Noteable feuds:

  • KPW management
  • KPW CEO Rip Morgan


Believing himself to be innately superior because of his Greek heritage (which gave the world democracy, philosophy and art), Terry the Golden Greek enjoys his exalted position as the KPW General Manager.  However, his ruthless ambition leads him to side only with those of a similar attitude, meaning he has no time for the fan favourites on the KPW roster.  He prefers strategic alliances with like-minded individuals within KPW to consolidate his power base, eager to have someone in his charge wear championship gold.

This biased, self-serving and arrognat attitude has lead him into direct conflict with KPW management on more than one occasion, particularly with KPW CEO Rip Morgan.  This has even lead to direct physical confrontations in the past.

Not above casting his net further afield than New Zealand, in the past Terry has also contracted wrestlers from Australia to travel to New Zealand and take on those he percieves as a threat, such as the tag team of H-Flame and Max Damage.

Always on the lookout for a way to cement his dominance in KPW and the business of professional wrestling, the "mountain of marinated man meat" is always seeking allies in his quest to rule KPW from the inside.  He is never afraid to get involved with a match to assist his ally, usually in the form of a shot from his ever-present briefcase!

Not confining his machinations to work behind a desk, the Golden Greek can also step into the ring to make his point.  He narrowly lost a match to the biggest man in New Zealand professional wrestling Max "the Axe" Damage in 2008, but also holds a pinfall victory over El Ninja.

Cunning, devious, mischevious, a colossus on the mike and in the ring, Terry the Golden Greek is constant thorn in the side of the wider KPW roster.

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