New Plymouth, New Zealand


6' 2" /  188 cms


198 lbs / 90 kgs


  • The Techniplex (sitout exploder suplex)

Trademark moves:

  • Impressive array of amateur holds, throws and takedowns
  • Lightening quick reversals
  • Variety of devastating suplexes


  • Kade Morgan "3G" (tag team partner)

Noteable feuds:

  • "Powerhouse" Jade Diamond and Whetu, the Maori Warrior

Championships held:

  • KPW Tag Team Championship (with Kade Morgan "3G") (May 2009 - current)


A graduate of the KPW "Wild 4 Wrestling" school, The Technician comes from a very impressive athletic background, having eight years experience in amateur wrestling, eighteen months of Brazilian jiu-jitsu and one year of Muay Thai kickboxing already under his belt.

Having trained with Olympic-level wrestlers in the USA, The Technician has represented New Zealand overseas at a Commonwealth level in both the USA and Australia.  He has wrestled up and down New Zealand in amateur tournaments, having competed in over 200 amateur contests.  The Technician was also a double medal-winner at the Oceania Wrestling Championships in February 2008.

Though his first love was amateur wrestling, the Techncian was impressed from a young age by the athleticism of Bret Hart and the showmanship of Shawn Michaels, and so was always interested in professional wrestling.  When given the chance, the Technician entered the KPW "Wild 4 Wrestling" training school, where his strong amateur wrestling background enabled him to quickly establish himself as a force to be reckoned with.

Making his triumphant debut in his home town at River City Rumble in 2008, The Technician quickly established himself as a force to be reckoned with.  However, things turned sour following a losing streak where his opponents cheated to snatch victory from him.  After one such loss to Jonnie Juice, The Technician snapped and turned his back on the fans.  Frustrated at not being able to get ahead, he accepted Kade Morgan's offer to team up and enter the KPW Tag Team title tournament.

Enjoying a bye into the finals of the tournament, the Renegades managed to beat the team of "Powerhouse" Jade Diamond and Whetu to win the vacant KPW Tag Team Championship in May 2009.  Seeing that his change of attitude had borne fruit, The Technician fully embraced his rule-breaking, arrogant ways, becoming a true force in KPW.


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