Wellington, New Zealand




6' / 183 cms


214lbs / 97 kgs


  • The Torture Rack

Trademark moves:

  • The Diamond Bomb (sitout powerbomb)
  • The Overload (swingout uranage)


  • Whetu, the Maori Warrior (tag team partner)
  • Mr Juno Huia (technical advisor)

Noteable feuds:

  • Inferno (with Charlie Roberts)
  • The Renegades (The Technician and Kade Morgan "3G")

Favourite passtime:

  • Working out at the gym


Trained by Rip Morgan, Max "the Axe" Damage and Miles D'Rock, Jade Diamond surely has "success" written all over his chiseled physique.  He won his debut match against "IceWolf" Christopher Simons at Kaos Theory in July 2007 and impressed wrestling fans and KPW management alike.

"Powerhouse" Jade Diamond is a strong, tough customer to watch as he climb the ranks of Kiwi Pro Wrestling.  KPW management have indicated they're impressed with what they're seeing the ring and at training, and they believe Diamond has the potential to make his mark on the world stage in the professional wrestling business.  In this vein, Diamond was a WWE Trialist in June 2008.

Breaking out of the KPW ranks, Diamond entered into a vicious feud with Inferno in 2008 when he stood up to the bullying fiery one.  The two battled in a "Best of Three" series, Diamond narrowly losing the deciding "Miramar Bunkhouse" match.  However, the courage and tenacity he displayed in these matches cemented him in the minds of KPW fans and management as a hero in the making.

Embracing his tangata whenua heritage, Diamond joined forces with fellow wrestler Whetu and technical advisor Mr Juno Huia to form a fearsome tag team.  Diamond and Whetu narrowly missed out on capturing the vacant KPW Tag Team Championship at Rise of the Champions in May 2009 when they faced the Renegades (The Technician and Kade Morgan "3G") in the final.  Since then, Diamond and Whetu have remained top contenders for the KPW Tag Team Championship.

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