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Blair "the Flair"


The Office in Wellington


  • Yelling "Oh my goodness!" or "Holyanna!" in surprise

Trademark moves:

  • Analysing the action in the ring
  • Verbal sparring with colour commentator Wilba Force
  • Calling the action "right down the middle"


  • KPW colour commentator "The Wonderful" Wilba Force


A fan of professional wrestling since the late eighties, Blair "the Flair" has been with KPW since its inception and loves it!  He also works as KPW ring announcer and timekeeper for the matches, and is even authorised by KPW management to act as referee when required. Having been a part of the New Zealand professional wrestling scene for over six years and a wrestling fan for over three times as long, Blair "the Flair" possesses an ever-expanding knowledge of wrestling holds and moves which he brings to bear when calling the KPW action in the ring.

Proving there's life beyond the commentary desk, Blair "the Flair" is also an assistant trainer at the KPW "Wild4Wrestling" training school, helping to mould the wrestling superstars of tomorrow.

Though he always attempts to call the match right down the middle, "the Flair" has little time for those who bend or break the rules; this has lead to some spirited exchanges with his broadcast partner, "The Wonderful" Wilba Force.


"Hello Kiwi Pro Wrestling fans in New Zealand and around the world!  Tune in to KPW's Off The Ropes on Prime TV for the finest in New Zealand professional wrestling action.  Kids, don't try this at home - leave it in the ring!  Better yet, come to our live events and check out the very best in family-friendly, top quality professional wrestling.  Keep checking the KPW website for updates and I'll see you ringside!"

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