Only the finest gentleman's clubs

Trademark moves:

  • Analysing the action in the ring with an eye to encouraging lapses in sportsmanship in favour of winning at all costs
  • Verbal sparring with co-commentator Blair "The Flair"
  • Arguing the case for any rule-breaking wrestler in the ring


  • KPW commentator Blair "the Flair"


"The Wonderful" Wilba Force is the colour-commentator of KPW, and loves adding "that special something" to match commentary.

A died-in-the wool moral relativist, Wilba Force admires those wrestlers who aren't bound by honour or sportsmanship or the rules, believing that winning isn't everything - it's the only thing!

The only thing louder than his voice is his garb, an amazing array of cloaks and waistcoats show how he "rolls" in his unique style.

Possessed of great girth and greater wit, the "Wonderful One" is never at a loss for words!

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